Applying Gold leaf and Mac Cosmetics Gold glitter
Applying Gold leaf and Mac Cosmetics Gold glitter
Photo by Zina Badran
Preparing Sheniz's hands for the forest shoot
Big Ben for Amba Hotels
On location at Skog 42. Bringing love to Germany.
Just climbed a mountain
Amba Hotels shoot
Photo by Daria Belikova
Horniman storage facility for 'Future Evolution' project
Selfie on the glacier in Chile
Burning panels from 'Decadence' series
Photo by Simon McCheung
Early morning sunrise selfie
Creating thin washes on the wall
Myself body painting the models with liquid latex
Photo by Simon McCheung
My finished Pink Bear mural at DSTRKT
Top of the world
Reviewing the shots with the model to improve the pose
Hand painted
Photo by Daria Belikova
Hiking through the Atacama desert with all my gear
Ready to shoot
Climbing mountains in Chile with the Pink Bear
Photographing the Pink Bear in Argentina
Waiting for the make up to be finished by Agnė Bučmytė
Adding the 'Decadence' wallpaper pattern to the mural.