I Dream In The Shadows

Bed Time Stories, 2016, C-Type Print, 40cm x 60cm, Photography

Bed Time Stories

As children our bedrooms are our sanctuary, a place to rest and study, they also act a stage for our imagination transporting us into far away places. And as adults our bedrooms are a destination for sex, sleep and dreams; our inner sanctum. But for others the bedroom can be a place filled with unwanted thoughts, loneliness, nightmares, sexual predators and sleepless nights that leave us feeling uneasy or even terrified.

LUAP’s series of paintings and photographs “Bed Time Stories” are set in the intimate yet unfamiliar surroundings of hotel bedrooms. They are presented to us through popular cultures sexualised gaze as bizarre dream like hallucinations.

When we see the advertising for products we just see the glossy veneer, the reality is hidden. Destruction of planet, people in factories. We see the fantasy instead of the reality.

The balance of sexual power - ‘Horny Beast’

People as a commodity - ‘Human Traffik’

The fragility of self image - ‘Maintenance required’

Manipulation through popular culture - ‘Followers’

Self obsession and curated lives - ‘Vanity’