Paul Robinson, known professionally as LUAP is a British multidisciplinary artist.

Paul Robinson, also known as 'LUAP,' is a British multidisciplinary artist born in 1982. Originally from Grimsby, LUAP is now based in London and has showcased his work on a global scale.

Central to LUAP's artistic practice is "The Pink Bear". A cherished remnant of childhood memory. Resurrected through sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). It is a figure which encapsulates the spectrum of human encounters. "The Pink Bear" metamorphoses into a vessel for voyages of revelation and investigation. He embodies aspirations and anxieties. An enigmatic personality. He navigates between the surreal, the envisioned, and the corporeal.

Acting as a creative conduit, "The Pink Bear" integrates into a variety of mediums. Spanning hyper-realistic oil paintings, performances, sculpture, and photography. LUAP's work defies easy categorization. Blending elements of Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Hyperrealism.

LUAP's classical practice finds a counterpart in his thirst for adventure. An artist who embraces uncertainty. He travels the world with The Pink Bear. Immersing himself in extreme settings. LUAP pushes the limits of endurance. Weathering extreme conditions and unforgiving landscapes. The final image is the prize. One that provides the fuel and acts as the catalyst for bold series of works.

Robinson, stands as a trailblazer in the contemporary art scene. The Pink Bear provokes thought and discussion wherever he goes. Transcending geographical boundaries the bear is one and all. A representation of a shared essence of humanity. Fostering connections and facilitating positive change. The Pink Bear continues to captivate and inspire.