Cover and article on LUAP in both Aspire Magazine Essex and Town and County

Cover and article on LUAP in both Aspire Magazine Essex and Town and County

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In a world where boundaries are meant to be shattered and imaginations set free, LUAP's artistic endeavours serve as a beacon of inspiration. Through the fusion of adventure and art, he creates vibrant artworks that inspire us to embrace life's wonders with an open mind and unyielding spirit. His adult-size Pink Bear suit, a whimsical companion on his extraordinary escapades, traverses mountains, surreal landscapes, bustling cities, and far-flung realms, illuminating the world with its presence. Arriving at his London studio, I feel immediately surrounded by positive energy, with the candy-coloured teddy bear images adorning the walls. They are reminiscent of Pop Art, but also coupled with the soft grunge of modern Urban Art. Masterfully painted Photorealism merging with flowing lines of abstract mark making.

LUAP explains more, "The Pink Bear exists somewhere between reality and make-believe, a youthfull innocence finding a place in the real, often corrupt world. He's basically reincarnated from an old childhood memory I had during Cognitive-Behavioural-therapy. He's become a symbol of positive reinforcement and recovery - not hiding in a corner and running away from things, it's really about just standing out and being strong. They were all qualities I wanted to draw on to improve myself, it was all about self-improvement".

The Pink Bear has zigzagged the globe, fusing together the ideas of adventure and art. LUAP is drawn to extreme adventure and it's this continual discovery which he credits with maintaining the balance in his life.
"I've travelled globally, often to extreme environments, scaling mountains or crossing deserts to make my images. For me, hiking, travelling and being in nature used to act as an unconscious form of therapy and now it is a conscious one and offers me an opportunity for reflection."

LUAP uses the photographs, made during these trips, to act as the studies for large scale, layered paintings which each take months to complete. LUAP has exhibited alongside internationally renowned artists, created bespoke artworks for exclusive Member Clubs and worked with charities to raise money. His works are much in demand - a Pink Bear print recently sold for three times the listed price at Christie's.

Last year he embarked on an expedition on horseback across one of the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth, the Mongolian wilderness.

"As part of my preparation for the trip - my most ambitious yet which required three years of planning - 1 underwent intensive physical training, as well as learning to ride a horse and giving up alcohol. I never use photoshop or ai to composite The Pink Bear into the scenes, so it's necessary for me to carry all my equipment which can mean up to 20kg on my back for up to 12 hours a day. I was joined by British survival expert Megan Hine, who has worked alongside Bear Grylls on a number of his shows, and I'm now very happy to call a friend.

The nomadic life is slowly dying out in Mongolia, as younger generations are drawn to modern amenities and wealth in the main city of Ulaanbaatar. As the ancient traditions fade away and a life lived sustainably from the land is replaced by instant-gratification attitudes, it is more important than ever to shine a light on the traditional. A key focus of my artwork is the impact on the planet from over-consumption. The decision to make the whole trip on horseback, rather than in an off-road vehicle, was made in order to have a minimal carbon footprint and physically and mentally. We experienced +25°C (77° F) sunshine, snowstorms and -15°C (5° F) nights. The outside of my sleeping bag would develop a thin skin of frost each day. When I needed the toilet in the middle of the night I had to be quick - it would take too long to put all my gear on so I just had to brave it. To have drinking water in the night I had to bring it in my sleeping bag or it would simply freeze inside the tent.
During our days in the isolated landscape of the Altai region, the Pink to celebrate tradition.

We lived as the nomadic people have done for generations, sleeping under the stars around an open fire in the wilderness. It sounds romantic but in reality the expedition was extremely demanding - both
Bear often caused amusement and delight with those we met. My hope is that my artwork will encourage others to explore and conserve our beautiful world. Mongolia has won a permanent place in my heart."