I Don't Always Recognise Myself

The Unconscious Therapy, 2021, Oil & Acrylic on Ply, 150cm x 150cm, Painting

The Unconscious Therapy

"Life is beautiful but fragile and fast - flowers remind me of this. So we should try to live each moment to the fullest - like being in full bloom."

Each floor of The Unconscious Therapy exhibition will investigate a different facet of LUAP’s work. The first floor presents an overwhelming sensory experience in the form of a large-scale pink-fur installation with over 150m of fabric. This initial section sets the emotionally immersive tone for the rest of the exhibition. The basement offers a selection of new and unseen paintings exploring the relationship between nature and mental wellbeing.

The images use reflections and stunning natural locations to present a journey through life’s adventures and misfortunes.

"Sometimes we can feel mentally lost, like we are climbing through a wild jungle in our mind. This sensation can feel overwhelming and disorientating, but we must remind ourselves that jungles give us oxygen and nutrients allowing us to live, breathe and develop - nature and nurture. By changing our perspective on how we cope with the inner jungle of our thoughts and memories, rather than fighting it, we dissolve our fear of being lost and instead learn to thrive and grow."