Nature and Nurture At 95 New Bond Street

Personal growth sometimes comes from reflection and looking backwards - but we should aim to move forward with positive energy

“Life is beautiful but fragile and fast - flowers remind me of this. So we should try to live each moment to the fullest - like being in full bloom.” LUAP


‘Searching Through My Memories’

Oil & Acrylic on Ply - 274cm x 183cm - 2021

Sometimes we can feel mentally lost, like we are climbing through a wild jungle in our mind. This sensation can feel overwhelming and disorientating, but we must remind ourselves that jungles give us oxygen and nutrients allowing us to live, breathe and develop - nature and nurture. By changing our perspective on how we cope with the inner jungle of our thoughts and memories, rather than fighting it, we dissolve our fear of being lost and instead learn to thrive and grow.


‘Aim High’

Mixed Media Sculpture - 2021

The Pink Bear is reaching high, waving positive energy, reaching to the stars, climbing high, giving high 5’s to the world and saying ‘we can do this’.


‘There’s Always A Place In My Mind For You’

Oil & Acrylic on Ply - 150cm x 150cm - 2021

Flowers are given to symbolise the emotions we are feeling. They represent life, death, love, saying sorry, saying goodbye, saying hello, saying congratulations...  They have been used to express nearly every sentiment imaginable, but they are always offered from a warm loving place and never from malice. They are an enduring symbol of hope.


’Time Can Escape You’

Mixed Media Sculpture - 2021

The Pink Bear is running with a bouquet of flowers which are unravelling behind.

The flowers in the work act as a metaphor for human life. Our life only blooms for a short moment of time on this planet - it’s a beautiful journey full of colour and diversity so we must make the most of the time we have here and not let time escape us and waste it. The work is not about loss - but instead is about leaving a trail of colour, joy and happiness as we travel on our personal journey.


Purple Starlight

C-Type Print - 2019

The technical details - the image was shot using a 7 second exposure on a tripod and a head torch was used to paint The Pink Bear with light to fill the foreground.

The profound details - The beauty of nature amazes from both the macroscopic all the way up to the vastly incomprehensible vastness of the universe and space. In New Zealand, a wild bouquet of purple Lupins which The Pink Bear stands in are set against the expanse of the Milky Way rising high above in the night sky.