An article on LUAP on Happiful

An article on LUAP on Happiful

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Whether it’s a hand-knitted blanket or an old toy, most of us will have something lying around that brings back fond childhood memories, and a sense of comfort in our times of need. For contemporary artist Paul Robinson – better known as LUAP – this was a pink bear, and it’s an image that has become central in his artwork today.

During a challenging time in his life, Paul sought therapy to help him overcome loneliness. “I’ve always tried mixing with people, but felt awkward whilst being around people,” he tells Happiful. “The exception is when I’m working or exploring the outdoors. Then everything becomes easier and makes sense.”

It was during his time in therapy that Paul reconnected with a happy childhood memory, which resulted in his recollection of a pink bear. From there, he became inspired to create the bold pieces of art for which he has become well-known.

For Paul, the pink bear represented a guiding light, which helped him navigate a difficult part of his life. Wanting to provide others with the same sense of comfort and security, he uses a mix of painting and photography to feature the whimsical bear in real-life settings from around the world. In doing so, he sets out to demonstrate the stark contrast between reality and make-believe, with the pink bear standing as a symbol of personal growth and self-exploration.

Paul says: “The Pink Bear melts away fear and darkness with the warmth and joy of innocence.”