Home Is A Feeling

Street Art Supporting Animal Welfare in the UK

The Story

I have a cat called Nipper and she has been in my life now for just over 11 years. She is there on my bad days and my good days, making life less empty and more snuggly. That is apart from her occasional grumpy day when she bites and nips me…it is her name after all.

Nipper has featured in several of my artworks, with the most recent being a photo of her hissing at The Pink Bear whilst being hugged. This dynamic image I created proved very popular on social media, with many followers requesting to purchase a print. But instead of just selling an edition of the photo for a quick buck, I wanted to give something back to Nipper and her less fortunate furry friends.

My friend Jess works very closely with animal charities, so with her help and my generous heart we approached two animal shelters, New Hope Animal Rescue and Furry Friends Animal Rescue. My proposal was to raise awareness for animal welfare through street art, whilst also raising funds through print sales.

To help deliver the message I collaborated with my friend DDRegalo, combining my Pink Bear Cat with his typography slogan “Home Is A Feeling”.

The art work painted on the street is set behind a tall fence, where the Pink Bear and cat appear to be caged in and need to escape to find a new home. This supports the movement of the charities’ focus on improving standards for animal treatment as well as ensuring animals in need get proper care and homes.


The Prints

To raise funds for the shelters we have created 3 versions of the artwork.

10 unique platinum editions, 76cm x 56cm (£800)

30 unique silver editions, 76cm x 56cm (£450)

and 100 affordable giclee limited edition prints, 38cm x 28cm (£100)

The prints will be going on sale Friday 27th at 12pm BST.

To pre register for a print please here.

Otherwise prints will be available here https://store.luapstudios.co.uk/


Shelters and Partners

The project is supported by Market Road Gallery, ArteMea and Forest Recycling Project

New Hope Animal Rescue is an Independent, non-destruct rescue dedicated to helping animals on death row and those with medical and or behavioural needs. We work with many other rescues and authorities to safeguard the welfare of animals and rehabilitate and rehome them properly.

Furry Friends Animal Rescue is a home-run rescue located in Old Coulsdon, Surrey established in March 1999, dealing with various types of animals including dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, terrapins and smaller caged animals. We pride ourselves on being a non-destruct rescue, as well as operating a backup for life policy. There is a set adoption fee for all animals and this must be paid before we release the animal for adoption.

If an animal is not suitable for rehoming then we offer it a home for life. These are known as 'The Sanctuary Animals' and they remain in our care to the end of their lives. We take the term 'non destruct' very seriously unless the animal is terminally ill and suffering and there is no other option than euthanasia. We do not euthanise for behavioural issues.

Forest Recycling Project donated the paint for the project. Another great service which I didn’t know existed until this project. FRP collects surplus, leftover paint from Re-use & Recycling Centres and commercial companies. The paint is then sorted, quality-checked, re-mixed if need be, and sold as a ‘green’, low-cost alternative to new paint, including for lower income customers, community groups, charities and not-for-profit organisations.


Mural Address

Market Road Football Pitches, Market Road, London N7 9PL