The Pink Bear Goes East

Ted, the Pink Bear was invited on a whirlwind trip to Hong Kong to visit the art fairs. He had so much fun!

The Pink Bear was mobbed every place he visited.

Unlike here in the UK where the Pink Bear is greeted with some apprehension, in Hong Kong crowds flocked towards him to play with him and have their photo taken. I knew he would be popular, but didn't expect this. Whilst looking around some of the sites of Hong Kong, like the viewing deck and even in the finical district, the pink bear attracted so much attention that he had a do a runner a few times to hide and catch his breath.  Can you see him relaxing on a bench in one of the photos below?

Paintings of the Pink Bear were shown at the HK Contemporary Art Fair alongside this city wide performance.

Pink bear crossing a road

Ted asking for directions

Ted looking for another place to visit

Can you spot The Pink Bear?

Checking out the view of Hong Kong

Taking a moment to relax in the sun against the Honk Kong skyline