I Used To Be A Polar Bear

Travel, nature and camaraderie liberated me and inundated my being with positivity. I had reconnected to the natural world which I had so bitterly mourned as a child. This time though, I couldn’t let that proverbial tree be chopped down, and I was filled with the desire and need to show our beautiful planet and home. The Pink Bear decided, thus, that “he used to be a polar bear,” a climate refugee seeking out beauty with which to inspire humans, and inspire them to protect and value what he had lost, their home. Perhaps for them it may not be too late.

I used to be a polar bear. The idea that one day if we don’t do something to help save the natural world it will be gone and become a myth, eliminated like an apple tree to make way for a plastic swing. We don’t need a swing, we have the trees. And if we need a swing, let’s hang it on their branches, and find balance among nature.

The Pink Bear On The Pink Beach
Pink Bear - The High Road
Feed The Birds
Big Splash
Yellow Flowers
Pink Bear surfing in Cape Town, South Africa
I Dream Of YOu
Solar Rise
Rarer Than A Unicorn
Pink Bear Palm
Pink Bear
Love Is Not Measured In Time. It's An Intensity, Like A Colour.
Jumping Bear